Monday, May 10, 2010


• Volunteer teachers - No experience needed, just a willing heart.
1 or 2 hours a week on weekdays
• Donations in money or in kind

In Kind:

• School equipment, school furniture, stationery and textbooks
• Donations of essential items like clothes and electrical appliances
that are in good condition
• Library - storybooks to set up libraries in all our learning centers
• Sponsored projects - a day of fun at the zoo, park, church camp,
movies and/or concerts
• Food - regular balanced meals, snacks and vitamin supplements
for children
• Others – any other suggestions are welcomed

1 comment:

  1. hello! i cant find a contact email anywhere so i'll just have to write here. im interested to come volunter to teach. do i just come into your centre and start straight away? or do i need to register? my name is Zuri by the way :)