Monday, May 10, 2010


Our school (2nd storey), no garden, no playground,
no canteen but we are grateful to have a place to study

Average, there are 60 of us aged 5 to 15

5 yrs, 10 yrs we all sit in a class
because we do not have enough teachers

“when we are lucky, volunteers bring
food, we eat anything they bring”

No proper clothes

“No shoes”

Tiny whiteboard - shaky, old rundown

“No table, I continue to study”

Aircon but no money for electricity

Look at my school bag ,
its actually a paper bag”

“My laptop is my lap”

Our white board has fallen,
no money to buy drill to hang on the wall

We need volunteer teachers

5 yrs or 15 yrs old, we sit on the same chair
– can be very uncomfortable for a 5 yr old

We have no furniture

“Look!! The table is slanting but we do not mind, we want to learn”

Current hygiene condition is pathetic

Toilets are smelly

Lacking of necessity,
no shortage of smiles

Full attention focus

“I am alone but as long as I have chance to study”

we study intently...poor or not.....

Older teens, hungry to learn

“Classroom may be rundown but we are serious about learning”

They take our country but they cannot take away our spirit

We are not DEFEATED

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